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I am excited to introduce The Merlin Arts Fest!

I have been planning for about a month now and I am excited to let you all know about what will be happening in July and the beginning of August.

This fest is for writers, artist, video makers, edit makers, gif makers, audio track makers, really any type of art.

This fest will go on for a month, there will be a prompt for each week which you’ll have a week to fill and each prompt will be turned in the second Sunday of that week. Here is the full schedule.

How this fest will be done is simple enough, but I encourage you read the following as carefully as possible and as thoroughly as you can. As always though, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Now, let us continue.

Before The Fest:

Registrations open May 19th and in that time I will have made a post asking you to do three three things: Reblog the post (or like), fill out a form and message the page letting me know you’ll be participating. You will have until June 26th for all of this, and then registrations will close.

During The Fest:

The Fest will officially begin June 29th, and on that day I will release the prompt(s) for that week. This is where it gets just a little bit tricky, but really it’s simple enough.

For the prompts I will be giving out three things: a proper prompt, three words and a picture to help inspire your writing. Now, you do not have to choose all three, you can choose one or two, but you do need to choose at least one. It can be as minor or as big as you like in what you’re creating.

There will be a format for everything that is entered, and all the formats can be found here. A format must be included, especially since it will make it easier for me to tag and simpler for others to find what they want.

All creations will be turned in on the second Sunday of that week, for example, the first prompt/week will be from June 29th-July 5th. All creations are due July 5th, the last day of that week. The same goes for the last four weeks. Pleas tag all of your work with themerlinartsfest2014. You may track the tag if you like.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I have not reblogged your work by Tuesday (the previous prompt), please message the page and let me know. I want to make sure i don’t miss anyone’s and there is a chance I might miss someone.

That’s about it for the during!

After The Fest:

We celebrate! Congratulations, you just created some amazing works and hopefully have some inspiration to continue writing.

Now obviously the fest is a long ways away, but I wanted word to spread of the fest, people to see it before it’s really started and to ask questions! Hopefully there will be a lot of people who are interested. Thank you for reading through, hope you want to participate. As always, feel free to ask me anything. And follow the page as well for any updates.


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"Beware of the Weeping Angels."

well, a good servants hard to come by


I ate too quickly. {request by anon}


Merlin and Mithian’s friendship
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